Dbol at the beginning and end of cycle before pct

  1. Dbol at the beginning and end of cycle before pct

    Here is the cycle i just finished.....
    weeks 1-12 test enanthate-500mg
    weeks 7-10 tren acetate- 50mg eod
    weeks 1-4 dbol - 40mg ed
    these have already been taken and now i just finished my last shot and was considering taking a low mg dosage of dbol for 12 days then off for 2 and start my pct with clomid, sarms and clen.

    I am wondering will i be gaining water weight and loose it again during pct.Will i benefit from this at all.Thank you in advance for any professional comments.

  2. my opinion. dont bother. 12 more days of liver stress for nominal gains makes it not worth it

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