I've been reading these boards for a while, but this is my first post.

I did a cycle of (second cycle):
250 mg Test testosterone cypionate per week
400 mg primobolan Depot per week
10 weeks total

Prior to taking drugs, my total test results were consistently between 500 and 650 for the same lab, Labcorp. I am 31, and have worked out for 17 years, and am 5'7", 195 lb, probably 9 % bodyfat, although the water retention has masked this some.

My planned PCT was as follows:
Nolvadex - 20/20/20/20
Clomid - 100/100/100/50
Aromasin - 25/25/25/12.5
milk thistle, saw palmetto, vitamin C
hcg = 250 IU, every 3 days for the first 2-3 weeks (I didn't start hcg until after my first test result)

I've taken hcg once before at 500 IU every other day, and by the second week, my chest was quite swollen with fluid and enlarged breast tissue. That is why I am taking so little, and why I was hesitant to use it.

I had a test done after 10 days of PCT and the results were:
total test = 130 ng/dl (reference: 249 - 836)
prolactin = 5.9 ng/ml (4.0 - 15.2)
prostate-specific AG = 0.6 ng/ml (0.0 - 4.0)
sex hormone binding globulin = 16.7 nmol/l (14.5 - 48.4)

I felt horrible during the first 2 weeks of PCT: headaches, water retention, swollen ankles, fatigue, inability to concentrate.

I had another test done after 3 weeks of PCT
total test = 354 ng/dl (reference: 249 - 836)
FSH - follicle stimulating hormone - = 3.5 mIU/ml (1.5 - 12.4)
Estradiol = 23 pg/ml (7.6 - 42.6)

This test was taken with a 2 day break from hcg at 250 IU.

I feel much better now. I am getting morning wood, although my sex drive is still lower than normal. My ankles have no swelling, and my water retention has decreased everywhere except my love handles and my chest. I am still not as energetic as I usually am.

Also, just 2 days ago I started taking 2 pills of Lean Xtreme per day, since I considered that my cortisol is probably high (I should have tested it, I know), which could contribute to the fatigue and water retention I believe.

So, it seems like I am making progress. I plan to get a test again in another 2 weeks, and then another test around a month or 2 after PCT.

Are they any adjustments that you guys would recommend for my PCT?
Does my progress seem reasonable?
Are there other tests you'd recommend?
Does my estradiol seem good?
My FSH - seems low, but that could be due to the hcg. I wish I had LH tested, but I figured LH and FSH correlate with each other. What do you think?

I know my tests may seem weird, since they are different and exclude other important hormones. But, that is how prepaidlab sells them. They have a more complete test, but it is around $240.


I took 500 IU of hcg yesterday, 6/17/2011. My water retention has decreased a good bit since my original post. Also, my gonads feel close to normal size.

Right now, I am planning the following:

- 1 or 2 more doses of hcg at 500 IU every 3 days.
- extending my PCT to 6 weeks ( I am in day 3 of week 4 now). Ramping my dosages of Clomid and Aromasin down during the last 2 weeks (50/0 for clomid) (25/12.5 for aromasin).
- taking a test booster for 5 weeks after PCT. I have the original Androbolix, and it worked well for me in the past. I also have Animal Stak. Which do you guys think is better?