1-AD Side Effect Question

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    1-AD Side Effect Question

    What side effects are most common with just taking 1-AD alone?

    I know that people get lethargy. Usually how bad is the acne? How bad is the shedding??

    I hear its rare, but do people get gyno from 1-AD, or is it one of those really rare things?
    Like if you already had puffy nips and were on 1-AD, how would you be able to tell if it was getting worse?


  2. the sides in terms of acne depend on person to person..hair loss can depend on if ur family is prone to hairloss. ur nipples will start to be kinda sore or sensitive.

  3. darius
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    lol I am prone to acne.. well got hit hard with it thru puberty when I was younger.

    My mom has thin hair, her dad is bald. My dad and his side has tons of hair.

    So the nipples will be sore/sensitive even if they are already a bit puffy?

  4. 1ad converts to 1-test, you will experience all the 1-test sides. Lethargy & extremely low libido will be worse using 1ad alone, without 4ad. Yes, it can cause acne & possibly aggravate gyno, but rare. If you are not prone to male pattern baldness, you won't lose any hair. If you are, it may speed it up.

  5. The conversion is fairly low so ur sides wont be as intesne with 1-ad. I wouldnt worry about gyno, if u see some sides run some nolvadex.

  6. I really wouldn't worry about Gyno unless you are seriously prone to it...but ALWAYS stay on the safe side...
  7. darius
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    Yeah, if I tried 1-AD, it would probably be used with 10mg of Nolva during the cycle, then for pct, the higher Nolva doses.

    Realistically, how much hair could one lose in a 4-6 week cycle? I'm sure only 10% of all who have taken it noticed a large noticble amount of hair loss.. I may be wrong tho.. should that percent be higher? Cause hairloss is just like a little bit more loss than what normally comes out thru wear and tear right? Or is it like if you grab a clump of hair and pull gently it will come out?? Whats the realistic answer to the hair loss problem?

  8. I've ran 2 cycles of 1-AD, 500mg/day and experienced very minor sides, very MINOR...


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