any cyp powder be made injectable right

  1. any cyp powder be made injectable right

    or can any powder be made to inject like 4ad just it would have a short half life right. which would equal more injects a day

  2. Any Cyp powder can be made to be injected. The whole purpose of having an ester like Cyp, Prop, Enth, or whatever is so that the compound can be injected and have an extended release effect.

    You can inject base compounds (like plain 4AD), but they are not very soluable (low mg/ml) and would have a very short half life (also, base compounds can be painful to inject).

    With a base compound, you should usually inject each day. With a long ester like Cyp, you can inject twice a week (although many inject every other day).

    All the answers I just gave can be found with a little research. This forum has a search function.


  3. I've heard 5aa cyp is good at 600-1000mg injected once a week, but YMMV.

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