Is soy oil ok for conversion?

  1. Is soy oil ok for conversion?

    I'm interested in making some tren from cattle implant pellets. Is the filtered soy oil GPZ stocks ok for this? Or should I buy some cottonseed or sesame seed oil from the supermarket instead?

  2. KFlex
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    Soy oil will be fine, I have made several batches of tren from soy oil with no problems.

  3. You need to look at the consistency (thickness) of the oil. The thinner the grapeseed oil. Although seems like I read somewhere Tren was painful with grapeseed??

  4. got tren with grapeseed oil pain

  5. Cool! 100mg/ml?

  6. I decided on, and purchased some sterile cottonseed oil.

  7. Bingo 100mg/ml


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