HellaM-LMG then Boldadrol.. Final Draft??

  1. HellaM-LMG then Boldadrol.. Final Draft??

    I take toco-8, multi-vitamins, fish oil etc. everyday so that wouldnt change.
    Always looking to get bigger keep in mind. If you would change dosing let me know, take out anything or add anything let me know.
    So I have these layouts planned for my next 2 cycles. I just want them confirmed so their concrete and I can start planning my next couple of cycles!

    Cycle A: Helladrol 75/75/75/75/75/75
    M-LMG 75/75/75/75/75/75
    Cycle Assist
    Inhibit E

    pct: Nolva 20/20/10/10
    clomid 50/50/50/50 (please tell me which serm to run and why)
    Purus Labs Recycle

    Cyle B: Boladrol 8/12/14/16mg's

    pct: Nolva 20/20/10/10
    Clomid 50/50/50/50 (please tell me which serm to run and why)

    Also I'm thinking of adding Methoxyisoflavone and/or Ipriflavone to each of my PCTs. Is it good to stack the two? or just have 1? I cant find a difference between the two. If anyone has feedback on this that would be great. Also how good of an idea is it to add to PCT? One more thing whats the best brand to get?
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  2. the beta boladrol I have, 2mg's is able to be felt in the gym with only 10mg of sd taken 8hrs before.

    (my cycle now is 10mg sd in the morning, with 2mg of liquid beta boladrol taken 8hrs later pre w/o).

    2mg is packing quite a wallop. def a noticable diff in everything with & without the 2mg of beta bola.

    any ways, your question, I would run the clomid, because the bola should be the more supressive cycle, and the why is because clomid works way better for me tha nolva does.

    im a little jealous, I'd like to run a max lmg & hd cycle in the future, esp at those dosages/length.

  3. ahh man if the boladiol compound isnt in it, Im scared to ask what is? I wonder what he ran it at? Thats why im running this cycle second. Im now even more clueless how to run it and if I should lol.

    SD and liqiud Boladrol wow that sounds badass. I wish my tabs were as efficient as the liquid because I have a lot of SD on hand. Hows the scale moving for you?

    haha dont be jealous if it werent for you I would still be looking for something to stack with the Hella. But needless to say Im stoked for that cycle as well. Its the Boladrol Im sketchy about now.

  4. I would go with the hella/LMG route. It should provide very good gains as each on their own do. Stacked you should get lots of lean mass, LMG being a non meth can be stacked with pretty much anything.

    Aside the cycle I would still run N2GAURD, its a much better all around cycle support. Look whats in it and than cycle assist. The ingredients are on N2G's favor, for PCT I would go clomid, Unleashed, Post cycle. Clomid is better for progenistic componds( stuff thats prone to give Gyno). Nolva is still good but clomid is better suited for treating it should you run into it.

    The only real thing I would stress is to take 8-10 fish oils a day while on cycle. Take a few with the PH's, they will help them absorb better. Also great for your joints, heart, etc. the toco-8 is a plus too, good stuff all around. sorry for spelling erorrs

  5. I wouldn't worry about it

    If I had the money, and was buying products, I would buy boladrol to run at the dosages I recomended to you before.

  6. Yeah I have N2Guard so thats no problem. I bought Cycle Assist on a good sale a while ago and pretty much just want to get rid of them already. I agree with the clomid and the fish oil. Thanks gymrat.

  7. Cycle A only because it is longer. Longer cycles always > shorter cycles.

  8. Thanks CM. Im looking forward to it, longer cycles feel amazing. I plan on running Cycle B the following cycle I concluded.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by swish1985 View Post
    Thanks CM. Im looking forward to it, longer cycles feel amazing. I plan on running Cycle B the following cycle I concluded.
    You can actually start the LMG 2 weeks into your cycle and extend the LMG 2 weeks past your cycle for an 8 weeker.


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