1-test cyp and M4OHN cycle?

  1. 1-test cyp and M4OHN cycle?

    Anyone use this cycle? I would be looking at it as a cutting cycle. I'm 6'2" @ 225 and 14%bf. I'm fairly experience with gear; done many "dark side" cycles and a couple M1T cycles this year.

    Since neither product will aromatize; perhaps I should run some 4AD, but would like to lean out quite a bit while on this cycle.

    Any opinions on:


  2. do a search and see what you find.. you might be amazed..

  3. Oh man, I am on the receiving end of the dreaded MattD, "Hey Phuckhead; too stupid to type a search query?"

    I need a hug!


  4. I would run some form of 4ad b/c from the logs I've seen the lethargy can be pretty bad.

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