high blood pressure/gear ph/ps

  1. high blood pressure/gear ph/ps

    does anybody here have high blood pressuse ? what do you take ? my blood pressure is really out of wack its been high[154/98] for a while now since i started ph/ps.i take prinivil and a fluid pill but my doc. wants me to take diovan-Hct[160/25mg.]because the prinivil wont work anymore. if somone knows of something better since i use ph/ps and sooner or later gear please let me know. thanks

  2. I take enapril/hctz combo.. it has worked for me in the past really well.. I am on a low dosage.. 10mg/25mg

  3. I have manipulated my blood pressure without meds. Personally, I have found fresh raw garlic and/or allicin to be a big help. Also, if you are not doing any cardio add brisk walking.
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  4. mathew, im going to the doc today and im going to make a few proposals ,but i dont want to give away the game, so wich is the best that will work with my cycleing not against[ ace inhibitor,beta blocker or a diuretic combo like you taking]

    diovan is angiotensin 2 agonist and thizide diuretic. i dont know if this will hurt my cycles or not but i do want to keep the bp. down . is it alright to take a diuretic while on ?

  5. mild diuretic would be the best go.. they are the easiest for the doctor to regulate IMO. Also, they are the suggested cource of action from currect studies.. I started out on a beta blocker way back when but it left me kinda weak feeling and tired a lot.

  6. well just got back from doc, my bp was160/106 after [40mg] of prinivil and 25mg. of hctz.taken this morning. she put me on 20mg. of Benicar[olmesartan medoxomil] it does the same thing that the other did just 3x stronger all in 1 pill [ace inhibitor]

  7. Hows you HR?

  8. 50 at home doin nothing 70 on clen or ephedine hcl.


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