so im currently deployed in afghan and im planning on running my first PH cycle but im so data overloaded with all the research ive done over the last week im not sure what to do!!
first off im 23, 5'9'', 170. ive been lifting heavily and eating cleanly for around 7 years now and im in really good shape as far as strength and cutness but want to pack on some weight.. ive ran a test cypionate cycle once about a year ago but ran it for about 3 weeks by itself! luckily i didnt have any horrible side effects.. so needlessly to say im trying to do my research and use the correct PCT and OCT..

which brings me to what i have for supps..
-2x AI cycle support
-3x LG formadrol xtreme
-2x inhibit e
-1x lean xtreme
-1x liver assist
-2x CEL M-drol
-2x CEL H-drol
-2x Myopharma arimedexin PCT

everytime i think i have a cycle down i read contradicting info about doses or proper PCT.. im leaning towards a M-drol cycle now but im completley lost about dose, and if i even have the proper PCT's!

could you please help me put together a decent cycle?!!