Whats wrong with me!!??

  1. Whats wrong with me!!??

    I am going into my 4th week of andromass and androhard at full doses and still havent seen any gains. I do admit that the pumps are nice but you get that from all prohormones. No strength or size yet. Diet and training have always been spot on. Surprisingly i havent put on any extra water yet either. Im still upset because i sunk a lot of money into this and am not seeing anything from it. A part of me wants to grab another bottle of each and keep going but i dont have the money to get it before my bottles run out. Any suggestions to save my cycle? kinda buggin

  2. Post this in the Primordial Performance section for faster response. Well you shouldn't double post but maybe a mod or admin can move it for you. Either that or you could just delete this one and post a new one in the PP section. I know PP has a money back guarantee on there Androseries products.

  3. That sucks to hear. Problem could be you or the hormone. Conversions are going to be user dependent and a DHT-pro won't really put on any size so you're looking at Andromass only for the size.

    How much do you weigh and what is your bf%? Cycle history? And diet and training?

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