250mgs of test per week. How much Arimidex?

  1. 250mgs of test per week. How much Arimidex?

    Hey guys if someone was only on 250mgs/per week of test cyp how much of pharmaceutical grade Arimidex do you guys think would be needed to keep estrogen in control? I know 250mgs of test is not that much but I am trying to figure out what the minimum amount of Arimidex should do the job? I know blood tests are the only way to know for sure but I am just trying to get a ball park? Pharmaceutical grade Arimidex can be expensive.......


  2. User dependent... I'm on 500mg/week entering week 5 and am barely using arimidex.

    It is usually .5mg EOD for 500mg/week... so I would try .5mg E3D if you even need it.

  3. Thanks Choco. Thats kind of what I am thinking because this is going to be a cutter anyway..... not looking to gain at all just maintain LBM while I cut and maintain good subjective feeling while very intense training.


  4. I believe you should start with 0,25mg EOD and work up to 0,50mg if you feel the need to.

    PS 250mg of Test Cyp is approximately 4-5 times the natural T production - say approximately because it obvisouly depends on many factors such as age, genetics, nutrition, daily life etc.
    So considering this, you most likely feel little to nothing in that dose - FYI i'm supporter of the "less is more" theory something that's obvious in all of my posts in this board. But then again you want it just for positive nitrogen balance, so it will probably work if all the other parameters are in place.
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