Trenazone + Epi log

  1. Trenazone + Epi log

    I am into Day 7 of my trenazone + Epi cycle. I am not publishing a day by day log but for those lurking, here ya go.

    Age 38 Lifting for two years. 6 Ft starting weight 197 BF roughly 14-16%. this is not my first cycle. I did Dermacrine+ Epi fall of last year. Workout is separated body-part per day....Mondays Chest, Tri's, Tuesday Cardio, Wednesday Legs, Thursday Shoulders Traps. Friday Biceps Back, Abs 3 days a week. and Saturday is 3-5 mile run. I also have high blood pressure so monitor every day.

    Goals for this cycle 10 pounds of clean muscle.


    Trenazone 6 pumps week 1, 8 pumps thereafter daily
    Epistane 30/30/30/30

    fish oil 2100mg
    Super Cissus 1 cap
    B complex, C and Prostate complex
    2 liver support supps
    Protein Syntha True Mass ~ 3 scoops breakfast, 2 scoops around 4pm
    Water - 1 plus gallons a day
    Breakfast - Greek Yogurt, Protein shake, Fruit
    10 AM Snack Peanuts
    Lunch - tuna or chicken ~ about 50-60 grams protein, fruit
    4pm snack peanut butter crackers or peanuts, granola bar
    Dinner - Chicken, fish or Beef usually 75-80 grams of protein, steamed veggies
    Bedtime snack - a few scoops of peanut better and chocolate milk
    Junkfood - very little
    Alcohol - red wine only and no more than two glasses per week.

    My impression so far. First of all let me speak to blood pressure. I am on Lisinopril 20mg daily and my normal pressure is 125/80. So far day 7 my pressure is actually running 115/75, not sure why the drop. Endurance is through the roof, day 5-7 I have actually thrown in extra sets and have felt like doing more. No noticeable strength increase but thats not expected until week2+. Mood is great, no anxiety. Night sweats and heating in general - Wow this stuff has me sweating allot! No acne yet and very slight headaches but they don't last long. Libido no noticeable change either way. I will say that I no longer apply the trenazone to the inside of my biceps as it rubs my pits and burns like crazy. Application area is top of feet, top of hands and collarbone.

  2. Cal intake looks a little low, but other than that looks good man, hit the iron hard!

  3. Forgot to mention appetite is growing quickly and I will be adding calories. I've been cutting for a while so its a hard to switch gears......
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    Certainly in to follow.
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  5. Yea i hear ya, i just started my first recomp on Monday and its definitely tough to switch gears, i'm in to follow as well, good luck man

  6. Im in for this one, Good luck bro!

  7. im interested in trenazone. subbd for a solid stack. good luck!
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  8. Im starting trenazone in a little over a week. Subbed for more info
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