xanax with orals?

  1. xanax with orals?

    has anyone taken xanax while taking orals..
    Im taking Hdrol and would 2mg be bad, has anyone done it?

  2. GABA Agonist aren't liver toxic. I'm prescribed baclofen which is a GABA~b receptor agonist and it causes no adverse effects beyond lethargy.

    And yeah I did it before with xanax and had no problems.
    To get un-naturally big, you gotta do un-natural things

  3. 2mg xanax is a hefty dose bro

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ambulldog View Post
    2mg xanax is a hefty dose bro
    lmao yes it is........ till you catch a habit
    Quote Originally Posted by alwaysgaining View Post
    I've also done fasting and doseing and felt grealt anabolicness , deffint hunger but I'm stronger than that keep full and vascular and strength gose up

  5. thanks.. lots of help

  6. 2mg for some who is 5'10 and 210 , that might be a little hefty as a PWO , but thats not very strong if taken in the evening unless you are sensitive, or are taking it daily as fro recreational purpsoses
    Then again if you are 6'1 170- taking 2mg xanax and drinking while on methyls uh.......theres a few things going wrong and you should just get your diet and training down before cycling IMHO.

  7. I would think that the xanax would help if you are prone to anxiety issues while on ..

  8. Hey bro it's not a problem at all. My cuz is a pharmacist. I asked him because I'm starting anavar cycle. And I'm taking Xanax and paxil for anxiety no adverse effects your g2g

  9. you'll be fine so long as you're taking anything but superdrol or m1t and no more than 4 weeks on per time... You'll find you might be more prone to headaches with that high xanax dose + roids, i'm not sure the connection but I've experienced this and know of others. Only other thing I can think of you might find an issue is just lack of motivation to either eat and/or workout like you should, but thats just a maybe as everyone reacts to a benzoid differently. Now with that said, I suppose you can take what I said with a grain of salt cus if you read my other thread, apparently I don't know d*ck about this subject because I once struggled figuring things out myself...

    Now, I always consulted with a doctor but we have a good relationship and trust, besides he put me on test in the first place. I recommend you do the same if you can, because just cus I, or anyone else, cycled while on medication successfully doesn't mean you might not have some high liver enzymes going on only to really show signs when you begin taking your stuff, because xanax is actually very slow to pass through the liver alone, and adding anything to the mix slows it down a much greater deal. Talk to a doctor about safety questions, bottom line. Use the forum to seek advice on building better cycles, how to use AI, and things like that - there are no I-doctors here, and I believe you'd be surprised how many medical docs are open to the discussion of using steroids if not just to make sure you do it safely.


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