Letro Qs - Dose, rebound, lethargy, test booster etc.

  1. Letro Qs - Dose, rebound, lethargy, test booster etc.

    I have puberty induced gyno & am currently researching letrozole. Its ALOT cheaper than surgery & seems promising - I have a few Q's - there seems to no set dosage across the net, with as many people swearing by .25mcg a day as 2.5mg as .5mcg EOD as pyramiding up to 2.5 & down to get off it...

    Q1. I am thinking 1/4 of a 2.5mg tab EOD for 60days would be as safe a dose as possible, what do you think?

    Q2. If i was to go with this protocol I dont see how I could ease off it, how would I combat the rebound effect?

    Q3. One of the reported sides is lethargy, can anyone recommend a supp to combat this? I thought about a stim-based fat burner, but id hate to have fried adrenals as well as letro induced lethargy!!

    Q4. Final Q - Its also recommended to take a non-estrogen blocking test booster 7 days for PCT, would Prime be a good choice?

    Thanks for your time!
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  3. Others will want to chime in, but my understanding is that you want a mini but proper pct after taking letro for an extended period of time.

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