The next 6 months

  1. The next 6 months

    Ok guys, i'll be doing 2 6 weekers (6on/6off/6on/12-? off)

    Wks 1-6 (bulk)
    1test trans 300mg/day
    4ad trans 300mg/day
    m1,4 add 60mg-? (will keep increasing till i find the right dosage-might even lower)

    pct (nolva, creatine, tribullis)

    wks 13-18 (lean mass-get hard)
    m1t wks 1-4 10mg/day
    1,4 andro (trans) 600mg-900mg/day
    m5aa wks 5-6 (dosage undecided-looking at feedback)
    4ad (trans) 200mg/day wks 1-6

    pct (nolva, creatine, hcg)

    any critiques welcome. these will be my last two ph cycles before entering the darkside. i have done 2 prior ph cycles in the past (1) 1test/4ad trans-4 wks (2) m1t-2wks

    stats: 21 yr old (22 soon), 5'7" 187 lbs, guessing 13% bf

    lifting since 15 years old, starting weight was 117 lbs...about the same percent bf

  2. I would take more time off in between cycles. PCT time is not time off, your HPTA needs time to recover.

  3. Normally I'd agree, but this is very similar to the 4 on/4off/4on/8+ off that people have done with PH's in the past. I think you'll be ok as long as you stick to that 12 off at the end.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  4. 4 weeks of m1t is gonna kill you. not really ,but it will shut you down pretty hard.

  5. I agree with Longdog, I would take a lot more time off.

    That's just me.

  6. I'm running the same compounds as you've suggested for your first cycle segment right now (M1,4ADD/1-Test/4-AD). It's taken some tweaking, but from my experience thus far I would suggest the following:

    Raise the 1-Test to 400 mgs a day and lower the 4-AD to about 200 mgs a day. I started out with equal doses of the 1-Test and 4AD too, but I lowered the 4AD becuase I started to get really bloated--the M1,4ADD seems to help with the 1-Test lethargy somewhat and easily makes up for the lowered dose of 4-AD.

    60 mgs of M1,4ADD probably won't cut it. I had a big initial jump of water gain with the cycle (in part due to the increased amount of 4-AD) then stalled out after the first week. I've worked the M1,4ADD up to 120 mgs a day now though, and am starting to see progress again. I think that higher doses really are necessary. I've also started dosing the M1,4ADD every 4 hours--this has made a BIG difference--I highly suggest it.

    Overall, I'm loving the cycle--not huge gains so far, but steady even progress and some recomposition that I'm starting to notice.

    Just my $.02.

  7. On topic: I thought HCG should be used on cycle and only a week or two into PCT otherwise it inhibits recovery. I forget which thread I read this in, so if someone could clarify I would appreciate it.

    Off topic (kinda): has anyone posted blood test results following high doses of M14ADD? I'm planning on running it sometime in November/Decmeber and the high doses in the 100+ range of a methylated substance is starting to concern me.



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