what do think: stacking M4ohn with test prop.

  1. what do think: stacking M4ohn with test prop.

    I was thinking aboute cycle like this:
    1-4 test prop 100 mg every second day
    1-3 m1t 5 mg
    1-5 nolvadex 10 mg
    4-8 creatine v12 + tribulus + ZMA
    8-12 test prop 100 mg every second day
    8-12 m4ohn 24 mg
    8-13 nolvadex 10 mg
    12-16 v12 + tribulus + ZMA

    What dou you think about something like this ?

  2. i personally dont like it. The way i would set up the cycle is this
    weeks 1-12 75 mgs of prop ED
    weeks 1-3 5-10 mgs of m1t
    weeks 8-12 24 mgs of m4ohn
    nolvadex all 12 weeks
    FULL PCT! v-12 tribulus and ZMA arent going to do crap for your post cycle therapy.

  3. damn dick, thats alot of pinnin bro

  4. Try this instead

    1-4 test prop 150 mg every second day
    1-3 m1t 10 mg
    1-4 nolvadex 10 mg
    5-8 creatine v12 + nolvadex ([email protected], [email protected]) + zma
    9-12 test prop 120 mg every second day
    9-12 m4ohn 24 mg
    9- 12 nolvadex 10 mg
    13-16 v12 + nolvadex ([email protected], [email protected]) + zma
    17-20 still off of androgens

    Only use the nolva while on if you are pre-disposed to gyno, but have it on hand for sure. If you are really worried about bloat (I wouldn't be), you can get your hands on some arimidex and run it at .5mg EOD if you notice. With the m4ohn I would run 6mg 4x a day at the least, maybe even 6mg 5x a day for best results.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Jarconis
    damn dick, thats alot of pinnin bro
    Yeah thats why i wouldnt run prop but hell he wouldnt have gained a pound from the way his cycle looked previous.

  6. I would like to make 2 short cycle with prop because I thinks about my own test producion - it will be beterr for me. I want to take nolva to reduce watter retention , correct me if i'm wrong. I have been training for 8 year but never took test , isn't 100 mg every second day to high for me ?

  7. I did test prop with M4OHN at 24mg/day. I really don't think it added anything.


  8. do you have any resualts ?
    Test shulud give you some gain and strengh .

  9. Quote Originally Posted by patrol
    do you have any resualts ?
    Test shulud give you some gain and strengh .
    I got good results from the test prop as usual, but the M4OHN didn't seem to add anything except that my muscle felt "harder" (not larger) than usual.


  10. Ronin, where is the PCT? Get clomid dude!


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