switching from adex to nolva

  1. switching from adex to nolva

    Still slowly developing gyno at 1mg of adex daily. Even upped it to 2mg eod 1mg ed for the past week + it might be subsiding but I don't think so. (This is prescription thru a dr.)
    I think ill switch to nolva for my last two weeks and into pct. Should I start w 40mg ed and asses after a week?
    how long till the adex clears my system? I read adex reduces nolvas effectiveness ....

    Only compounding currently being used is test.

  2. nolva WILL NOT lower your estrogen levels! you need an AI LIKE ADEX or letro for eg.
    LG Sciences Board Rep
    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, do not constitute medical advice, and are not official or authorized comments by LG Sciences, LLC.

  3. I know. That wasn't the question.

  4. how are you dosing your test? ie. amount and frequency of pinning

  5. Stick with the AI, and just for information purposes Adex clears completely in about 2 days.

  6. 500 once a week.

    So ur saying stick w adex even tho it isn't doing a good job w the gyno and switch to nolva only for pct?


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