Testosterone levels back

  1. Testosterone levels back

    Got my blood work before starting an andromass/androhard cycle. Results came back "normal" but not as high as I'd like. Felt really run down after my last DmZ cycle and that's why I wanted to make sure everything was ok before I started back up. Here they are:

    Prolaction: 6.8ng/ml 3.0-30.0
    Cortisol: 8ug/dl. 7-25
    ACTH: <5pg/ml. 7-60
    Testosterone: 305ng/dl. 241-827
    SHBG: 14. 13-71
    Free test: 8.9ng/dl. 6.0-27.0
    DHT: 151pg/ml. 106-719
    FSH: 1.7miu/ml. 1.3-11.4
    LH: 3.6miu/ml. 1.2-7.8

    After seeing these results I'm unfortunately going to have to hold off for a bit. Question Is what to do next? I was thinking about just running TRS stack from primordial or HCgenerate just to kick start my levels a bit. Anybody got any opinions?

  2. Did you run a PCT after DMZ?

  3. I did, I'll be honest and say I didn't do enough research to run a SERM (which i know was dumb) so I ran forged PCT along with forma stanzol which really didn't do alot.

  4. Did you know what your levels were prior to the cycle?

    I would run a round of Clomid for 4 weeks and re-test again 3-4 weeks after stopping the Clomid.

  5. What about torem? I have it on hand

  6. That should work although Clomid is generally used for this purpose.

    SERMs tend to destroy my libido and don't put me in the greatest moods. If you feel any of that you should supplement with HCGenerate alongside the SERM. It will have you bangin like a champ, feeling great, and assist in leydig cell stimulation.

  7. I think you may need HcG. Your FSH levels are very low but LH is normal. Serms and AIs only stimulate LH - that wont do you a world of good, HcG will stimulate FSH which is what you need.

  8. clomid generally is recommended over torem for a restart protocol, why I'm not sure exactly. It does seem to be the consensus. And I can say that it has been more effective and getting my natty levels back up after PH cycles before than torem. But it makes me emotional as hell, i'm like a pregnant woman on it, lol.

  9. Thanks, I'm going to run torem since I have it on hand. I would run hcg I just have no where to get it


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