Dual Purpose Cycle

  1. Dual Purpose Cycle

    G'Day Mates,

    Having finally got my body fat down from 25% to 14.8% measured hydrostatically, height 5'11", weight 185lbs, age OLD, my plan now is to do an 8 week cycle of Test 750Mg/ week, Fina 76mg/ED or 150mg/EOD, Anavar 50mg/day and some EQ towards the end, I only have 10ml @ 200mg/ml.

    What would y'all recommend for this cycle? Can I do, say, 4 weeks bulking then 4 weeks cutting? I would really like to add some more muscle.

    Of course the diet is my main concern, no point in being a big but fat guy.

    Your input will be much appreciated.


  2. wtf? you wan't to be big and FAT?!?!

  3. I wouldn't consider running 4 weeks of bulking and then switch over automatically to cutting while on a cycle of 750mg of test per week.  I'd say, run the full cycle bulking and plan for a cutting cycle later...  As for the eq, it generally takes a good 4 weeks to start kickin in, so it might be a waste to toss it in. 

    At least, thats what I'd do...


  4. I would also agree with WYD.. do the bulking first then do the cutting. I would also get another vial of EQ and use that with the cutting cycle.

  5. Thanks for all the input Bros



  6. I just got done with a 12 week cycle that was bulking for 8 and cutting for 4. For me it seemed to work quite well. You do need to alter a few things AAS and anciliaries wise to make the transition, but with a longer cycle it can be done

    8 weeks on the other hand, I wouldnt bother

  7. Hey WarDog I would like to see how you did your last cycle of bulking then cutting.. sounds interesting

  8. Billy_Bathgate
    Billy_Bathgate's Avatar

    wks 1-6 750test/wk
    wks 1-8 75Tren ED
    wks 1-5 400 EQ Ed
    wks 1-8 VarED

    Thats what Id do give what you listed. Personally, I think it sucks though. Here is what I would really do.

    1 more bottles of EQ
    Some prop (I assume 750 is sust or enanthate)
    Another Oral, winny or halo

    wks 1-15 Aromasin 25mg EOD
    wks 1-8 400 EQ ED (800 first 2wks)
    wks 1-8 750 Test
    wks 1-4 Halo or Var, or Dbol
    wks 6-11 75ED Tren
    wks 6-11 Var or Winny
    wks 9-11 75mg Prop ED

    Eat clean. Lots of protien.


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