heres my situation

  1. heres my situation

    i want to start cycling. i just dont know what is a good beginners cycle, i heard test e is great on the other hand the andro series is too and much safer, also pro hormones?

    my situation is this, i want to be 6'3 240lbs thats my goal. im right now at 220 but the problem comes where i work. i lift up to 150lbs boxes n its just not giving my back, arms, delts rest to develope infact i feel like its burning my muscles n on top of that i cant gain any more weight. when i hit the gym the next day i feel tired my bench reps are getting weaker so i want something thats gonna give me that little extra to help lift heavier and develope more muscle quicker.

    i have a pretty solid base right now to be exact im about 13% bf arms are 17 inches. i been training for almost 3 years already and i feel like i hit a if any of u can tell me what would be a 1st cycle i would really apreciate it please include pct too.

    i plan on cycling by the new year so base on your opinions i will do heavy research as i have done already. thanks

  2. If you resort to AAS, most people begin with a test cycle. If you want to go the ph route, then probably suggest 6 weeks of H-drol. Make sure you do some serious research in terms of support supps and pct. Also, inorder to recover from workouts make sure you are getting some glucose into your system post work out. Also, increase your carb intake through out the day, that should help alot. I used to lift heavy at work aswell and during maintenance/ lean bulk I had no issue but when I use to carb deplete, I was screwed and lethargic all the time.

  3. Keep in mind most will report lethargy as a side with higher doses of a ph.
    I have a pretty physical job aswell and find the calories needed for gains GREATLY exceed what most say they use for bulking cycle. P mag and hdrol would be good 1st time runs for a ph.

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