Damage with PH's

  1. Damage with PH's

    Given that you run cycle supports and PCT perfectly, what kind of damage will you sustain with PH's, such as H-drol and Epistane?

    lipids, Blood pressure, liver damage, hair loss?

    Ive been reading about these for a long time and i know the possible side effects, but im concerned with the ACTUAL ill effects on users. Thanks.

  2. Your lipids will be impacted. HDL will go down while LDL goes up. Blood pressure may go up on cycle, everyones different. Liver will be stressed but it doesn't always mean damaged. Your liver is the only organ that can regenerate so most damage dealt can be reversed. Expect raised liver values at the end but it should normalize over a few months. Hairloss has to do with genetics. The higher your disposition for balding is, the more likely and sooner you'll go bald. (I only have experience with the first 3)
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  3. epistane seems to cause shedding in many many people. hdrol is generally better for the hairline for most people. after your cycle is over the thinning will stop, but you might not regrow the lost hair. Also like DBdude said the lipids, blood pressure, and liver will return back to normal after a bit of time.

  4. I'm not confident that you'll sustain any "damage" at all. The relevant values for your lipid profile, liver, and blood pressure may all be negatively impacted short-term, but all seem to return to normal ranges in the weeks following the cycle.

    However, I have to note two important stipulations: (1) any individual can react to a PH or similar substance in unique and/or unexpected ways that may result in complications; (2) to my knowledge, no long-term studies detailing the extended effects of PH usage post-cycle have been carried out or made publicly available. That being said, it's clear that most users who get blood panels done after successful cycles typically see their relevant values return to normal ranges.

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