Help my nips hurt.

  1. Help my nips hurt.

    Hey guys! I have been a loyal watcher/follower of this site. I have gathered most my info from this page over the course of 6-8 months and respect a lot if not all opinions viewed on this site. But now comes the time I need assistance and look for your knowledge.
    I'm 27
    Not sure on bf but I know it's very low.
    My first cycle was started 3 weeks ago and is as followed:
    300 test e ew
    250 deca ew
    30mg of dianabol through out the day everyday for the first 3 weeks (no longer on it)

    The problem I am having is my nipples are so damn sore. And I I squeeze them and I mean really squeeze the **** out of them they lactate. I'm a bit scared. I doubt it was the dbol because these sides didn't start happening until after dbol was removed from the mix. I'm trying to figure out if it's the deca or test e. I don't feel any lumps behind the nipples. They just feel swollen and have a irritated feel to them. Like if you were to rub on spot of your arm for a long period of time until it gets aggravated and is tender to touch. I was thinking of upping my test dose to 600mg next week for the duration of my cycle. But wanted some opinion from others about it. If it's the deca that is doing this then I will drop it! Nothing like worrying if you gonna get deca ****! I can barely keep up with my girlfriends sex drive by it's self and if my **** went limp it would not only devastate me but her as well! But I don't want to drop test e because then that would mean I would have to drop deca... And this cycle would have been a total waste. Now before you ask I do have a pct. I have 4000ui of HCG ( only going to use 2000ui of course) novalex and clomid. I am aware that novalex will not help with deca induced gyno. Or am I reading that wrong. I have access to armidex (don't think that's spelled right but you know what I'm talking about)
    My diet is good. I pound 4-5k calories a day. Not going to get into the list of what I eat but let's say eggs and chicken has become my least favorite food. But I love me some peanut butter on celery lol. Thank you in advance for and supportive info. Sorry for miss spelled words. I am having to do this all via iPhone.

  2. I would get some cabergoline and exemestane to be safe since it could be estrogen and/or progesterone causing your issue. Go with 25mg on exemestane and .25mg on cabergoline EOD. I suspect this is more of a pregesterone issue

    Hopefully everything goes your way but remember to have all your ancillaries before you start a cycle next time.

  3. Do what Iron Warrior says and STOP PLAYING WITH YOURN NIPPLES! It WILL aggravate it and make it worse!

    Best of luck!

  4. Ok I have checked with my supplier and he cant get either of those so looks like I will be surfing the net. I have noticed that the tenderness has lessen and lactating is done and I'm not sure if that's because I'm getting further and further away from the days of using dbol or if it's because it's getting closer to injection day (sounds like a great holiday name) either way I'm going to continue my deca/test cycle and up the test to 600mg ew. Leaving deca at 250. Oh and my sex drive is insane! My girlfriend has no idea what to think! Feels like I'm 17 again. Even fat chicks got me guessing. But I'm on roids not **** drunk! So no touchy! Lol thank you for the advice. I'm off to look for a online supplier

  5. Will keep you all posted

  6. so 3 aromatizing steroids and no AIs.

    you should be very grateful you just have sore nips and no lumps
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  7. damn... lol yeah thats calling for gyno bro, Id take care of that Prolactin and then worry about your cycle after, Take care of it now before its to late.

  8. What did you think was goin to happen running what you are for the first time. Your body is freakin out. Should ahve run just test for first cycle and let your body adapt before running Dbol at least with it. I cringe when I read stuff like this


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