Blast and cruise help needed

  1. Blast and cruise help needed

    On TRT at 200MG Test Cyp and 100MG Deca (both weekly, divided into 2 injects). Looking for a little blast and was wondering what would be best.
    Should I just boost the Test Cyp to 450-500...or can I go with Enanthate at 250MG plus what I'm already running...which way is better?

  2. Any cycle experience before?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by MakaveliThaDon View Post
    Any cycle experience before?
    Yes, but over 15 years ago. Have run Cyp, Sus, DBol, A-Bombs (Syntex), Eq, Winny, Sten...basically old school stuff.

  4. Both dosages seem very low. I'd bump to 500mg test and 400mg deca... that's what I'm doing for my next cycle.

  5. No offense, but you're not on trt, the clinic, spa or who ever might call it trt, but its not, given what you're taking and the dosages per week, unless you can show me bloodwork that shows you are under 1200ng/dl, its not your typical trt and seems very odd to me.

    Having said that, theres no real diff. in test c or e, get which ever one is cheaper, double the dosages of what your taking for your blast, Im not telling you what to do for your cruise because your base doses/products as I said, in my opinion are not trt doses. Best of luck with your cycling.
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  6. Have you thought about adding 30mg D-Bol to 500mg Test and 400mg Deca ?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior View Post
    Have you thought about adding 30mg D-Bol to 500mg Test and 400mg Deca ?
    Was this directed to me or OP?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Ya Boy A View Post
    Was this directed to me or OP?
    It was meant for the OP. I guess minds are hard to read LOL.


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