Real or fake sus & deca

  1. Real or fake sus & deca

    This is my first time in a forum was wondering if anyone could help me get some closure. First has anyone heard of brinkkmann labs. Well I got a sus300 and a deca300 from a freind that assured me it was real but it's not looking that way I'm taking 750 mg sus and 600 deca a week eod. I'm on my 5th week and no weight gain. The wierd thing is that I broke out on my back and my nuts shrunk oh and a little strength gain but no mass gain yet I know it takes 4-6 weeks for the sus and deca to kick in but by now shouldent I start feeling at least the short esters in the sus also my cal intake is 5000 a day and 400 g protein i think the gear is bunk can anyone help me

  2. Deca should start kicking in soon.

    What is the break down of the Sust300?

    The Prop and PhenylP are usually too low in dosage to see instant gains as you would with straight Prop. And if you are experiencing shut down and acne with no gains it could be underdosed. It only takes a little dose to produce sides but a bigger dose to produce gains.

  3. So you think I should be defenetly seeing some kind of weight gain by now. Should I up the sus to 900 to see what happens I'm starting my sixth week on Monday. And does brinkkmann pharm and co. ring a bell to anyone.

  4. I'm familiar with the brand and I will not use it again. Went through a 10cc vial of Brinkkmann labs sustanon 300mg followed by test enanthate. Gained absolutely nothing but oily skin and I eventually broke out along upper back and shoulders. I used jelfa omnadren in a prior cycle with outstanding results.

  5. I have heard of brinkmann they are good

    but they are no longer in bussiness but gear is legit

    wait, brinkman or brinkmann?
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  6. It's brinkkmann

  7. I've heard of them but don't know how well it works. Anybody else?


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