osta between cycles?

  1. Question osta between cycles?

    Can I do a low dosage 12.5/day 30 day osta run between PH/DS cycles? thinking of starting it 3 weeks after pct.
    The goal is to gain a little lean muscle and/or tighten up a little bit.

  2. I've.read several people have stated and shown with bloods that it still shuts down hpta, so my thoughts are that you won't recover and could really fock yourself up... I'm no expert on sarms, so maybe others ll pipe in and help ya out...time on+pct= time off....
    You are born small and weak, you die small and weak...How you look in-between is entirely up to you...

  3. Remember all of claims for Ostra are for 3mg/day dosing. When you increase the dosage it works more like a typical androgen. Higher dosing causes more shut-down and sides typical of regular gear. There are a number of bloods done over at PHF for Ostra.

  4. the only bloods I saw were at 25 mg dosage or longer cycles of 6-8 weeks. I was told that a simple 12mg/day for 4 weeks would not be suppressive but don't have any proof. You're probably right though if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

  5. Supression is dose dependent but even at 12.5 mg there will be some supression along with a slight increase in estrogen. The overall effect on lipids seem to vary greatly between users.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by BBB View Post
    Supression is dose dependent but even at 12.5 mg there will be some supression along with a slight increase in estrogen. The overall effect on lipids seem to vary greatly between users.
    This is something that was of great interest to me as well. Seems like it could be used as a great bridging product, but more and more information is coming out indicating that you shouldn't do what was originally thought with Osta and use it as part of PCT. I'd really like to know how 8 weeks at 12.5 would be on shutdown- maybe running with some kind of test boost would help? Like bridge or HCGenerate?
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    Murder as many animals as you can on cycle, 400g+ protein always.

    Don't overthink it, just do what any androgen crazed barbarian would do

  7. As I said there are several logs along with associated bloods over at PHF. PA also provides a lot of insite into the use of this product.

  8. There are several logs on EF with guyS uaing it at low doses with no shutdown during pct.

    sarms makes a GREAT BRIDGE

    I have run over 10 cycles of osta and s4 and had no issues with shutdown ever

  9. I can appreciate the theoretical purpose of this. Obviously to keep yourself from being totally shut down between cycles for whatever purpose you may desire later in life etc..

    But I think it's toeing the line so to speak between actually DOING THAT, and just being a moral victory for those that wanna say they aren't ON all the time.

    The way some guys are running it between cycles, it's kinda like well why don't you just low dose test and cruise on a trt dose and throw in some hcg for 8-12 weeks before blasting again....

  10. I've seen lots of bloodwork from osta, most guys get very little shutdown at all. Mainly seeing increased estrogen, so running a sarm in pct with a serm and AI should workout.

    I really thinks sarm"s will be a bridging thing in the future


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