how much roughly cost for months supply of dbols, deca, sus250??

  1. how much roughly cost for months supply of dbols, deca, sus250??

    hey guys, how much would it cost for a 4 week cycle of dbols, deca andsus250

  2. Why the double thread?

    You clearly do not know anything about steroids.

    Nobody in their right mind is going to run Deca or Sustanon for 4 weeks. You need at the very least 12 weeks on those two to get full effects from them. Dbol is the only one you can run for 4 weeks and get full effects.

    You need at least 3 vials of sustanon, 2 vials of Deca, and a 100 count of Dbol. Let's say it is Sust250, Deca200, and Dbol15... that's around 350-400 American Dollars depending on your source.

  3. Markus!! lol

  4. 1 billion dollars.

  5. I totally agree with 4 weeks is going to do very little, probably at most screw your hormone levels up without getting any good benefits. Run it at least 8 weeks, nothing less in my opinion. I have no idea on prices, just dont run it for 4 weeks

  6. At 6'2 95 pounds the needle will go right through his body. TROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  7. Cool

    Quote Originally Posted by musclewise View Post
    4 week cycle of dbols, deca andsus250
    Kill yourself


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