Strength, Libido, and Mass Gains

  1. Strength, Libido, and Mass Gains

    I'm looking now to run a cycle that is GREAT for strength, will maintain or possibly increase my libido, and is also good at increasing lean body muscle. I'm looking to gain about 10 keepable pounds. I am somewhat worried about hair loss, but haven't really lost any yet on any cycle in the past. That being said, what would you guys suggest. I can't wait to get back into all this. Being back at the gym for the last 2 months has been great.

  2. Did you do a search?

  3. Search function won't be too helpful with such a general question... take a couple hours to read the Prohormone and cycle threads.

  4. search for 1-ad if you have never done a cycle, 1-test / 4ad transdermal if you have.

    Hair loss is very user-dependent, in general the stronger the compound, the greater the risk.

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