someone answer this quick

  1. someone answer this quick

    im running a log of epi/sd. i dropped the SD after a week cuz it was screwing with my little pea lump in my nip and blew it up. so since dropping it everything went back to normal but my nip was puffy so gave her a tickle and out came a trickle so i started some prami a few days ago to get that to g away. NOW my question is. i didnt get the "bulk" phase i wanted. do you guys feel i could get away with running a week or two of HD considering i got 4 weeks left of epi? I wanna dose the HD in the 75-100 range for a short run. maybe 100 for 5 days, 75 for 5 days, 50 for 5 and be done. or should i just keep rocking the epi. it hasnt really hit me yet. not noticing any strength gains yet from the epi but i am approaching 3 weeks which was when it took over last time. also i like B00BIES and VAG1NA!

  2. If it was me I would just stick with the epi, sounds like the sd is making your gyno worse.

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