M4OHT...What is it???

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    M4OHT...What is it???

    From what I have been reading lately it would seem that M4Oht is no longer available? Why is that and what would M4Oht be good for? Is it worth taking stand alone or stacking? Any info is appreciated. Why doesnt any companies produce it anymore?

  2. There was hardly any to begin with. Now the only place you can get it now is teamliferesearch. He charges a zillion dollars for it. Other than that, there is no point looking, it's all long gone.

  3. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    Why do people act like its the holy grail of PS?

  4. Who is? It isn't. There was some discussion that it would be a perfect "bridging" compound, between cycles, an anabolic which did not effect the HPTA. This notion was shot down, and as a product it never really went anywhere. It is unavailable except via teamliferesearch, and then it is absurdly overpriced. Best substitute is OHT decanoate, which can be found if you look around. There's not much to say about m4oht, and who wants to pay $200+/g to find out?

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