PCT at the worst time!!!

  1. PCT at the worst time!!!

    I just started my PCT sunday. I had nose surgery tuesday (one day ago). I can't hardly drink let alone eat anything. I'm 6 lbs down in weight already. Am I going to lose all my gains? This is really frustrating :/
    * I rep back *

  2. If you can't consume enough calories or drink liquids and calories down you are losing all of your gains.

  3. try and down as many mrps as you can in a day.

    even if you loose your gains, once you get back into training regularly and your diet is dialed in, you'll get some of it back in no time. obviously you won't keep everything, even with the best pct.

    Just try and get as much sleep as you can for the next 2 weeks and if you can't keep your calorie intake up, stay out of the gym.

    it seems counter intuitive, but you'll loose gains faster if you push it while calorie restricted.

  4. Perhaps you should just extend the cycle a week more?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AtomicFox View Post
    Perhaps you should just extend the cycle a week more?

    At the very least, with the anabolics in your system, you won't lose as much muscle from the t3/t4 super up regulation. ;-) Depends on what your cycle was I guess, but good luck.

  6. Just taper down or go EOD. I got sick on a Mdrol cycle, and instead of wasting a week I just low-dosed til I got over it.

    Last inject cycle I was sick the first week of PCT, couldn't eat, drink, or lift.....didn't lose much if anything. One whole week isn't really a whole lot in the grand scheme of things.

    I did manage some protein shakes and creatine, tho.
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!


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