Endotest or 6oxo in addition to Nolva??

  1. Endotest or 6oxo in addition to Nolva??

    For pct I was going to run 6oxo along with Nolva, but have found endotest, which claims to boost test and block estrgen (anti e=Diindolemethane¬* 100¬*¬* mg) It has gotten good reviews. I am not too concerned about the estrogen blockage, becuase I am running nolva, just with the test boost, which I have heard 6oxo can do. Should I run 6oxo or endotest?


  2. Use nolva & 6-oxo or just nolva. You don't need endotest, tribulus & other test boosters can slow HPTA recovery. That stuff is not meant for PCT use. You can add 6-oxo, but its not a necessity. 6-oxo raises test by lowering estrogen, which is good for HPTA recovery. Unless you are coming off a real hardcore cycle, Nolva is all you need.

  3. Nolva by itself would be fine, use 6-oxo if it makes you feel better. I am using both together right now to try it and am very happy thus far.

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