Ive been off of my first cycle for three weeks now. I was using Tren for about 6 weeks...and Test for about 5 weeks. My cycle got cut short to do some circumstances. I was supposed to finish out two more weeks of tren and 5 more of test, but decided to cut it short.

Gains were ok. I was up about 15-18lbs. However 12 of that I saw in the first few weeks of tren, and then kinda hit a plateau and was real slow gaining after that. So Im holding steady right now at about 10 lbs heavier then when I started, all muscle gain, still at the same bodyfat.

I want to start a nice test/deca or test/eq bulk towards end of summer(something to that effect, dont have it all worked out yet) however since summer is still here and I have some tren left, I was thinking of maybe running a quick cutter with just tren alone for a few weeks. Just a real short, maybe 3 week cut on tren only to get a little more shredded, and then hold off on the bulk until like September once the sun starts to go.

The only thing is, this would put me at three cycles in a pretty short amount of time. I will be doing time off=time on...but still just wondering what you guys think about running three cycles so close together. I honestly didnt get the gains I wanted (Im happy, just was looking for a few more lbs) since I cut my cycle short. so a nice three week cutter to get more shredded and maybe put on a little more muscle would be nice.

What's your guy's opinions?