P-Plex and Mineral Imbalance

  1. P-Plex and Mineral Imbalance

    Does anyone have any information on p-plex and the mineral imbalance that causes the bloat associated? Is there anyway to avoid this or counteract this? Possibly just a very low sodium diet, or some type of way to regulate pottassium levels?

    I have heard a lot about aldosterone levels(mainly) and Na/K levels being the culprit.. so then antihypertensives would be the answer?!

    All that i could find about this was a post on bb.com from a long time ago and is more associated with m1t... Im honestly not to sure this post is even that accurate but its all i could find...

    "Certain compounds have an influence on mineral balances, the most known of which is Methyl 1-Test. M1T doesnt aromatize (which is normally what it means to be a "wet" compound) but it creates an imbalance with the minerals in the body, probably resulting in water being retained in the kidneys. Thats one of the reasons why you gain weight so quickly on M1T but back pumps/cramps happen so easily. Its also the reason why after you stop the cycle you lose a lot of weight very quickly, as that imbalance is now going back into balance. "

  2. I have run pplex twice. Once as a full blown bulking diet and the other time using a bulking diet but keeping it as clean as possible, and keeping the sodium intake very low. I also drank a lot more water too the 2nd time around. The bloat was greatly reduced (not completely gone) when I ran a clean bulk diet with very low sodium intake. Pplex to me seems to be picky when it comes to diet.

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