Drinking juice with serm?

  1. Drinking juice with serm?

    I usually take my serm alone without washing it down but I took some pills tonight right after with some lemonade. Will this dilute the serm? Just a wonderin is all
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  2. no.. i have heard that it doesnt and because most people dont like the taste of the serm alot recommend washing it down with a shot of juice or something.. i dont tho..i just man up and drink it !!

  3. It's mint flavored as well so its not bad at all.
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  4. no it will not dilute it.

  5. Recovery screwdriver:

    3 oz OJ
    90 mg Torem
    50 mg clomid
    3 g DAA
    1 scoop toco-8

    Mix all ingredients in a lowball glass. Stir well. Quickly shoot, then immediately fill glass with water and restir to pick up residue. lol
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    Murder as many animals as you can on cycle, 400g+ protein always.

    Don't overthink it, just do what any androgen crazed barbarian would do

  6. Sounds tasty! Lol

  7. It'll dilute it, but it won't make it any less effective. I fill my mouth with OJ then squirt the syringe into the OJ.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by hove131 View Post
    It's mint flavored as well so its not bad at all.
    mint flavored ? where did you get mint flavored from ?

  9. Yes it will dilute the SERM. If you add X ml of liquid to 10mg of substance in 50ml of liquid then you will now have 10mg of substance in 50+Xml of liquid, and thus is will be diluted. But will it affect absorbency into your system? probably not.


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