Cemproducts 4gm kit instructions?

  1. Question Cemproducts 4gm kit instructions?

    Ok, I got my first fina kit from cemproducts.com. Upon examining the kit, I realised that it is a little difrent than others I checked out. Namely, there are 2 serynge filters plus the coffee filter, and only 1 10cc serynge is included with 2 needles. I don't want to **** it up so if anyone has used this kit before, and could provide a link to the instructions specific to this kit, I would be very greatful. Thanks.

  2. when you use it let me know how it worked. I couldn't get the filters to work...might have just been user error though as it was my first time. I got the 8 gram kit though

  3. If it helps anyone, the kit is actually from Lion Nutrition. Their label is on it. I know lion is a board sponsor, so hopefully somone can point me towards some good instructions.

  4. C'mon there's got to be somebody out there that has used lions kits before. The thing is, most kits I've seen come with 2 serynges and 1 serynge filter. This one comes with 1 10cc serynge w/ 2 extra 18g needles, and TWO difrent sized serynge filters. I have other serynges and could use one and try to wing it with instructions from another kit, but I'd rather not risk ****ing it up.

    Mabey a mod can move this to the anabolics section where it might get more visibility. I could really use some help here.

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