Epistane to Beastrol Transition Q's

  1. Epistane to Beastrol Transition Q's

    I have a coupe questions regarding a current Epi cycle I am on..... I'm about to start my 3rd (of a 4 week cycle) week on Monday and so far my dosage has been 20/30. I think I may have gotten a bad batch or something because I am not noticing any effects....good or bad? My strength has not really increased, my libido has not got any higher and I most certainly have not seen any gains. My weight has gone up 3lbs but I also added an extra meal and protein drink to my diet. I was going to continue with another week of Epistane to see if there has been any changes but then thought since I have a bottle of Beast maybe I should transition to that? Any thoughts if I started a 4 week cycle of Beastdrol now (on Monday), instead of continuing the Epistane? Can I do a 6 week cycle and do a 4 week pct (4 weeks is what I have stuff for). I read Epi is a mild on the body in terms of shutting down, so I would think my pct might be sufficient. Any thought on this would be appreciated.

    I also have a bottle of Bridge available.
    I also have a extra bottle of Epistane.

    pct is going to be

    HCGenerate (have 1 bottle)
    Unleashed (have 3 bottles)
    PostCycle (have 2 bottles)
    Forma Stanzol (have 1 bottle)

    If you have a better idea for what I have available to me, I am all ears.

    Thanks for the help in advance guys!

  2. most people bridge sd into epi if im not mistaken, due to sd gains being hard to keep. but also, some people dont respond well to epi (me being one of them, but willing to give it another shot). you have only been on for 2 weeks at relatively low doses. give it some time.

  3. regardless of what you do you need a SERM for PCT. Beastdrol (SD) is a most potent/harsh PH you can get. Even for Epi i would get a serm.

    Most people would run a bridge like this



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