I know these are the most annoying type of threads but I'd highly appreciate any input. I'm 27 years old turning 28 in a few months,

172 lbs
14% BF

been training naturally my whole life and I've always liked my results,
but after speaking to two good friends of mine\former trainers who have been taking Test\Deca for a few years they convinced me to take a cycle to get to the level of mass\definition I've always tried to attain.

However, the more I read online the more confusing things get and I am not in a rush to try something if it is a bad idea for the first cycle. Are there any particular articles or information you experienced users can suggest for a first cycle?

My friends are suggesting a 10 week cycle of deca\test, I believe with the deca ending at 8 weeks and the test in 10.

Any suggestions\criticisms\flaming would be appreciated