Test E only cycle...questions!

  1. Test E only cycle...questions!

    I am about to start a Test Enanthate only cycle. 500mg/wk dosed over 2 injections weekly. 7.5 weeks total. I have a bottle of Triazole on hand and planned to run clomid pct 3 weeks after last injection:

    Day 1- 150mg
    Next 7 days 100mg
    Next 14 days 50mg

    Do you think I should use the Triazole at all in the cycle as an AI? Any other help on this one? I'm 6' 190lbs been lifting for years. Diet is all set. Any help would be great!!

  2. I think you should just skip the cycle, as 7 weeks won't show much in results

  3. Oh ok I'll just throw these away then. Anyone else have anything productive to add?

  4. if you wanna do short cycle, use something like prop. might not be the best choice cuz you'll be new to injections and maybe a little scared

    get some more enan / cyp / sust or something n do 10-12 weeks minimum
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  5. For tes E I would want 12-16wks, it's going to take 4-5wks to start showing it's effects so 7 wks is just a waste as mentioned.

  6. Ok let's say I do 12 weeks. How does the rest look as far as clomid and should I use the Triazole?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Miles Flossin View Post
    Ok let's say I do 12 weeks. How does the rest look as far as clomid and should I use the Triazole?
    500mgs week split it 4 days apart mon/thurs or similar
    clomid 50mgs 4 weeks starting 2 weeks after last shot

    ditch this otc crap n get a real ai
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  8. Yeah it took around 5-6 weeks for me to feel the Test E I took to kick in. I was running 10 weeks but am now thinking of extending to 15 because im really starting to see results. I have been running Nolva the whole time to to help with estro sides. You want to start the Clomid 2 weeks after your LAST injection, not 3. Do 300mg first day then 100mg 2-9 and then 50mg for the remaining of your PCT.

  9. Ok thank you. You don't think I'll notice anything even though this is my first cycle? A friend of mine did like 5 weeks and really put on size and strength

  10. Probably placebo effect from him eating more and working out harder to "take advantage " of his cycle

  11. Take the advice given. You ll be good

  12. Would I be better off taking liquid Letro, liquidDex or nolvadex?

  13. Ok

    So what if a doc gives you Testim Gel that contains 50mg of test per day (350mg Test via Transdermal - weekly)....

    Why no PCT protocol?


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