1-test cyp...DS all out?

  1. 1-test cyp...DS all out?

    I know the site has been down lately, and I heard that they had some 1test cyp in for a bit. I believe it was something like 20 bottles in stock, so I am sure that if that is true he is all out. DS will you be coming out with anymore before the ban? I was looking at team life research's 1test cyp, and theirs is 50mg/ml, so that means if you want 1g/week, that would be 20ml of solution That is crazy!!! I sure hope DS is coming out with more before the ban, if not might just have to homebrew it.

  2. Ya site is down and 1test cyp was not listed as available before it went down. It was up for about 2 days then gone. I hope he has more coming in.

  3. Anyone have any info.... Big Sledge you out there?

  4. Probably best to post this question in his forum on this site...

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