Black China Labs?

  1. Black China Labs?

    Hey guys, new here, so sorry if this has been asked before...

    I'm fairly new to PH's having run one cycle previously of halodrol (got good gains on a 5 week cycle 50/75/75/75/75 dose). I'm looking to do another cycle in a month or two, but still slightly undecided. I'm from the UK, and there's still a fair amount of products available over here (although I realise there's no source posting), and one of the companies I buy from reguarly have a kit they put together aimed at recomp. It involves some products by Black China Labs (Straight 11 Test), but another one called "Straight Mass". I seen this when it first came out and they made some pretty wild, stupid claims that it adds 22lbs of muscle in 6 weeks which makes me sceptical. So just wondering, has anybody used any products by BCL and if so, what were the results like?? I don't want to be messing round with a piotentially bunk company when I've had good results off CEL already?

    Thanks folks

  2. I personally have never used bcl but unless you get several people on here saying their stuff is great I would go with something like cel that you know is gonna be good

  3. BCL is definitely G2G. Have a few bottles of their phera in the stash.

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