nandro test 1st cycle,recomendations for the last few weeks

  1. nandro test 1st cycle,recomendations for the last few weeks

    ive got a bottle of nandro test on the way.200mg of deca and 200mg of test going to do 1.5 ml a week.that should last me nearly 7 weeks.
    what id like some thoughts on is what would work well for a couple more weeks after the initial bottle is used up?someone recomended eq,but would like a few more ideas.

  2. another bottle of each. that isn't long enough to be worthwhile for deca at that dose

  3. its 10ml bottle of both mixed.would it be better to have something without the deca in to end the cycle?

  4. Not particularly but dosing deca for 6 weeks is pointless to begin with

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