feel like crap on cycle

  1. feel like crap on cycle

    so i started my halovar cycle this past sunday at 50mg. from everything iv read , its nearly impossible that i could be feeling side effects after 3 days on halo. it feels like i have a really bad headcold, but im extremly dizzy also. im taking cycle assist, liver assist, and extra hawthorn by the way. anyways, im going to the doctor tomorrow to see what it is. would it be worth it to keep running the halo to the end of my first week, even if i cant get in the gym? should i stop it and wait till i feel better to start again? i was thinking it doesnt really kick in till week 2 anyways, so if i ran it without going to the gym the first week would it matter?

    give me your opinions on this guys.



  2. Did you preload the hawthorne berry? HB raised my BP, and the h-drol will raise it too. If you didn't preload, your BP could be spiking and causing headaches, dizziness, etc.

  3. doesnt hawthorn lower it? i didnt pre load the hawthorn , but i preloaded the cycle assist, which has hawthorn in it obviously.

  4. Hm. The anabolic and cycle assist products will mess with your BP. You are only 3 days in, so the option to stop is still there. I wouldn't like going into a cycle sick. On the other hand, I know i JUST got over a sinus / upper resp infection that i know has been going around. Perhaps it is something other than the drugs. See what the doc says about a possible infection, if it is confirmed then you know it's likely not the anabolics, if it isn't perhaps you need to reevaluate.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by augmaster88 View Post
    doesnt hawthorn lower it? i didnt pre load the hawthorn , but i preloaded the cycle assist, which has hawthorn in it obviously.
    HB does lower your BP, but only after an initial spike. I didn't see that you preloaded the CA, so you should have been good to go there.

  6. Are you on any prescription meds? Anything for ADD, depression, anxiety, any stimulants? Since you are on just day 3 I would stop for now until you feel better, continue taking some support supps, and then start again fresh.

  7. i believe it was just bad allergys, because i heard that others in my area had bad reactions yesterday also. iv never had allergys that bad to the point of my head hurting and dizzyness, kinda nuts. im almost back to normal today, i believe i could hit the gym again tomorrow, as long as it doesnt come back.

    by the way, the only medicine im on is over the counter allergy meds, which i believe shouldnt have a effect....?

  8. One of hdrol's main side effects is BP raise, same with epi, keep monitoring it with a BP cuff.
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