Just Gettin' Warmed Up!!

  1. Just Gettin' Warmed Up!!

    Hi Guys,

    New here and had a couple questions.

    Just finished my first week of Helladrol. Noticing some fullness in my muscles but nothing else yet - aside from some serious internal body temp and crazy amounts of sweating while working out. This is my first cycle of anything.



    Currently taking ed:
    4x 50mg whey protein isolate shake, 5mg creatine mono, 5000ui D3, N2Guard, 2 scoops Jack3d preworkout, 10mg Taurine, Forged Joint Repair, AfterGlow post workout.

    Also taking: 150 mg/ml Testosterone & DHEA transdermal cream - 10ml ed. 50mg Arimidex eod, and 100mg Helladrol ed.

    Was curious about the Helladrol dosing. I had planned on running it at 100mg ed for the whole 6 weeks stacked with my test (which equates to roughly a 200ml weekly Test Cyp shot, excet mine converts more to DHT.)

    Just wanted to get anyones thoughts on dosing the Helladrol, especially those with experience stacking with HRT doses of Test.


  2. I would not do any preworkout forumulas NO2 / caffeine while on hdrol. The blood pressure can become a problem as your cycle progresses. Alot of people have had to add in additional hawthorn berry above and beyond what is in the cycle assist products myself included. I now take cycle assist 2x daily, plus hawthorn berry 3x daily on any hdrol cycle. hdrol takes about 3 weeks to kick in and really notice strength gains. You can run the creatine on cycle if you want, I like to save the creatine for the last week when the gains can start to wind down to give that last week a little extra.
    Anyways with or without the low dose of test I would still run the hdrol at 75 per day. Start the preworkout again the day after your cycle ends.

  3. your running 100mg and this is your first cycle??

    Id drop down to 75 for the whole 6wks.

    150mg of tes?? is this from your Doc?? and your using dermacrine too??

  4. Gymrat - Yeah, 100mg on my first cycle. Yes the 150mg test is from my doc, keep in mind that its a suspension cream containing test and DHEA so its only has about a 15% absorbsion. It averages out to about the same as a 200mg a week shot. No Dermacrine, I am assuming that its a DHEA transdermal?

    What are the risk/rewards of running 100mg the whole 6 as opposed to 75mg?

    Captain - thanks for the tip on preworkouts. I'll shelve them until I go off. I am assuming that hawthorn berry helps to combat high bp?

    Thanks guys, input is much appreciated.

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