Preloading DAA one week before PCT?

  1. Preloading DAA one week before PCT?

    I was thinking about preloading DAA for my last week on cycle so I can have it in my system at a tolerable level going into PCT. What do you all think?
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  2. Wow! I came on here to ask the exact same question.

    Bump for opinions

  3. i dont think its been out long enough to really have any signifigant studies on this.kinda curious too, and i think it depends on whats in your PCT.with a SERM i dont think i would preload it.but if going otc maybe for like 5 days before.just my 2 cents, not a chemist or anything.

  4. it wouldnt hurt, but I dont think its necessary especially if your using a serm, I agree with repthat21 there isnt enough studies(bloodwork) on it (preloading before pct). I say go for it and get some blood work and tell us about it.

  5. Im pretty sure PP's TCF-1 says to start 6 days before you start PCT. Or maybe I just heard that somewhere. Either way sounds like it could do you some good.

  6. Sh!t, id run it for 4wks before PCT to keep natural production going. I take that and HCGenerate for 4wks while ON. than creatine for 10 days before PCT to pre load that

  7. I have a week left of cycle so I will start it tomorrow. Might be pointless since the epistane will be battling it to keep my test levels down.
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  8. I dont have the official answer but when I start a pct with Tcf-1 (DAA) ill be doin it early. I might double the dose 5 days before ending the cycle.
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