First time taking nolva

  1. First time taking nolva

    I just started my liquid nolva today for the first time. My dosages will be as follows.

    week 1-2 -3ml /day (60mg)
    week 3-4 - 1.5ml/day (30mg)

    Do I divide my doses for all 4 weeks or just the first two?

  2. Just take it all at once. Nolva has a long half-life, there's no benefit to dividing the dose.

  3. Take all at once...

  4. A few studies I have read on women taking tamoxifen for treatment of breast cancer suggest breaking the dosages into two even dosages. I usually break my dosages up simply because the smaller dosages are a little easier on my stomach. But like these guys said, the half-life is long enough that it really doesn't matter.

  5. From the way it taste I would only want to take it once a day.

  6. why not take it with grade juice to hide the taste?

  7. From the way it taste I would only want to take it once a day
    Bro it's not that bad....

  8. Yeah, I really dont mind the taste at all. But just chase it with some o.j. if it bothers you.

  9. Its not the initial taste so much as the aftertaste that lasts for what seems like forever..

    I found that if I took it right before I eat my protien-spkied cereal or my protein shakes that the aftertase was significantly reduced or eliminated.


  10. Ya the aftertaste is nasty and seems to never fo away for me but its a willing price to pay for me..

  11. I mixed mine in 151, after a swig of OJ no after taste to speak of.


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