Sharp pains in muscles due to PH?

  1. Sharp pains in muscles due to PH?

    I'm on week 5 of my cycle and I'm at 40-50 mg a day depending on how much I can get down that day. Suddenly started feeling on and off sharp pains in my muscles (mostly biceps.) Anyone else ever have this? Just curious. I'm not worried about it. Just bored and curious is all
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  2. what are you taking?

  3. I get those to...maybe growing pains? In for answers.

  4. Not really familiar with ph's, mostly use test, but I hear cramping/painful pumps can be a big problem with some compounds. Taurine seems to be the reccomended solution, though I've never heard it described as a sharp pain. Is it usually when you workout or just random? Have you been doing very heavy bicep lifts? It's possible that you're strength and weight lifted has increased too fast for your tendons to keep up causing inflammation and possible injury. If that's the case I'd lower the weight because you do not want to tear something.

  5. I'm running epistane. On my 5th week. It's not back pumps or anything like that. It's dull sharp on and off pains. Nothing crazy painful. Had a crazy ass bicep workout last week. Maybe my biceps are reacting to that a week later, healing, growing, etc.
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  6. idk what to tell ya. i never experienced anything like that on epi. maybe you arent drinking enough water? idk


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