How's my epi cycle diet look?

  1. How's my epi cycle diet look?

    Meal 1: 6eggs, 2 pieces of toast, banana, 2 cups milk

    Meal 2: 4.5oz tuna 3oz nuts

    Meal 3:8oz chicken 1 cup rice

    Meal 4:6oz steak 1 sweet potatoe

    Meal 4: 6oz ground beef 2 rice cakes

    Post workout 50 gram whey with 2 rice cakes and honey

    Meal 5: 5oz chicken with 2 bananas

    Meal 6:

  2. This is for a lean bulk.... Hoping to gain 10lbs on a 6 week 40mg run... Is this a good diet? Don't wanna gain fat before summer... Also meal 6 is suppose to be 2tb pb

  3. What are your goals?

  4. Lean bulk... Like no fat gain... Perfectly gain 8-10lbs Maybe lose 2-3lbs fat...

  5. Sound good?

  6. Ttt... Might do sd instead... Same diet


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