How does my cycle look? (protomax, ph virgin)

  1. How does my cycle look? (protomax, ph virgin)

    I am 21 and this will be my first prohormone cycle, goal of recomp.
    Researched quite a bit...this is what ive come up with so far, just wanted to check to see if this would be an adequate cycle

    Protomax 50/75/75/75/75/75

    Hawthorn Berry 550mg 2x daily (preload for 2 weeks)
    Saw Palmetto 800mg 2x daily
    Liv.52 450mg
    Fish Oil 1200mg 3x daily
    Orange Triad 2/2/2

    Nolva 20/20/10/10

  2. Overkill for just protomax. Why don't you use hdrol or something worthwhile?

  3. was waiting to use hdrol for a bulk...right now im going for recomp. What is it overkill on?

  4. Looks plenty good for recomp to me. Don't know what the overkill was ref. I use liver protection with anything 17aa even proto.

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