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  1. That's getting heavier for sure, if you've got the cyano rx and the epi. If you're gonna do it I'd run 500mg-1g of TUDCA a day, drink hella water (you should be anyway), and watch your urine. Many people have done much first, but you never know if you're the iron liver type or the *****liver like me, so be smart as things progress.

    I say if the urine stays light and sides stay manageable, roll with it if you're feeling it.
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  2. Hmm, I was thinking of trying Cyanostane myself, and now that I read this thread, I just might. My only question is, since I want a good mass builder, what is recommended with minimal shutdown? I was looking at Msten Extreme Mass Builder by Assault Labs for the mass, but not sure if this a safe or recommended stack. I welcome any input, and thanks in advance.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by zpole View Post
    Ok i'm not trying to prove this PH bunk, considering i have a bottle in front of me... so if i was going to use this product to build some mass for the fact that it has 10mg of DMZ in each cap, basically don't because it won't add mass like normal DMZ solo would for some reason? Please let me know.

    What was your diet like? Did you have before and after measurements of bodyfat percentage, muscle measurements as well as a training log to see your progress? What was your macronutrient ratio? These pills aren't ****ing magic if diet isn't right it won't do shyt



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