Serious Question Bros

  1. Serious Question Bros

    Alrite so im ust about ready to end my 1t ethergel and 4ad cycle, and should be starting post cycle ther. in 2 days or so. Well I just took a **** and it had tons of frigen blood in it??? Has his ever happend to anyonehere before, ( i know this si off topic but thios has me really worried) This has nevr happened to me before and just wnted to know what you guys think.
    Sorry for posting this is pH.

  2. Was your bowel movement difficult? It sounds as though you may have burst a vesel in your rectum due to hard stool. But that is dependant on whether or not you were pushing. Are you getting enough fiber?

  3. I really wasnt "pushing", I dont think im etting enough fiber though. So you dont think it is because of the PH? **** now that I think about it, it makes sense but when you look down and theres blood in the toilet you freek out. Thanks for the help.

  4. That sounds about right, here's my thoughts:

    If you're on PH, prolly upping protein intake obviously, so unless you compensate with increased water and large amounts of fiber (I've seen as much as 10grams per 1000cals daily) then you can easily create minute rectal tears. Remember also that water comes and goes from the body very very quickly, doesn't take but a little inattention to slip into a more dehydrated state. Things to check for:

    If the blood is IN the stool, OUTSIDE the stool or MIXED throughout. If you got blood mixed through your **** that signifies a much larger issue of concern than some blood in the water/outside the **** itself. Color can also be of some help as an indicator, generally darker blood will originate from further within yer plumbing. If it continues for a few days get to a doctor of course, but I think you should be alright.

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